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International Relations

International Organisations. Diplomacy. War and Power.

International Relations project topics with free proposals

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1Nigeria and African Union Peacekeeping Missions in Burundi, Sudan and SomaliaDOWNLOAD
2An Assessment Of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Administration, 1999-2007DOWNLOAD
3​Nigeria-Us Relations, 1999-2019DOWNLOAD
4Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution: Case of ICJ Ruling on Nigeria Versus Cameroon over Bakassi PeninsulaDOWNLOAD
5Impact of Boko Haram Terrorism on Nigeria-US Relations, 2009-2015DOWNLOAD
6Reciprocity Diplomacy: Analysing the Place of Citizens in Nigeria-South Africa Relations, 1999 to 2015DOWNLOAD
7Impact of Foreign Policy Decision Making on Nigeria's Economic Development, 1960-2015DOWNLOAD
8A Contemporary History of Festivals in Yorubaland: Case Study of Oranmiyan FestivalDOWNLOAD
9The Nigerian Civil War: A Historical Analysis, 1967-1970DOWNLOAD
10Civil-Military Relations In Nigeria, 1966-1999DOWNLOAD
11Patterns of Intergroup Relations in Ogun State: A Study of Egba, Ijebu and Remo up to 2012DOWNLOAD
12A Comparative Analysis of President Yar’adua and President Jonathan's Foreign Policies, 2007-2015DOWNLOAD
13Impact of the Boko Haram Terrorism on National Integration in Nigeria, 2009-2017DOWNLOAD
14Reciprocity Diplomacy: Analysing the Place of Citizens in Nigeria-South Africa Relations, 1999 to 2015DOWNLOAD
15Nigeria-Us Relations, 1999-2012DOWNLOAD
16The Boko Haram Insurgency and the Political-Economy of Northeastern Nigeria, 2009-2017DOWNLOAD
17A History of ASUU Strikes in Nigeria, 1978-2013DOWNLOAD
18The Roles Of Domestic Factors In Nigeria-Israel Bilateral Relations, 1960-2007DOWNLOAD
19Impact of Boko Haram Insurgency on Women: A Study of IDP Camps, AbujaDOWNLOAD
20History of Human Rights Violation In Nigeria, 1960 to 2014DOWNLOAD
21Effect Of Boko Haram Attacks on Economic Development In The Northeast Nigeria, 2009-2015DOWNLOAD
22A History of the Redeemed Christian Church of God up to 2016DOWNLOAD
23A History of Divorce among Christians in Ijebuland since 1892


24Challenges of Democracy and Good Governance In Nigeria in the Fourth RepublicDOWNLOAD
25Impact of the Millennium Development Goals On Empowerment of the Girl Child In Nigeria, 2000-2015DOWNLOAD
26Gender Inequality and Women Participation in Nigerian Politics: Analysis of the Fourth RepublicDOWNLOAD
27A Contemporary History of Farmers-Herders Crisis in Nigeria up to 2018DOWNLOAD
28 Impact Of Refugee Crisis On Human Security In West AfricaDOWNLOAD
29Historical Appraisal of Ife-Modakeke crisis: Implication for Conflict Resolution in NigeriaDOWNLOAD
30Nigeria-China Relations: A Critical Appraisal Of The Political, Economic And Cultural Bilateral Relations From 1999-2007DOWNLOAD
31Sino-Nigeria Relations, 1999-2018DOWNLOAD
32Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under Murtala/Obasanjo And Abubakar Tafawa Balewa: A Comparative StudyDOWNLOAD
33Impact Of Globalization On Nigeria’s Foreign Policy DOWNLOAD
34Bilateral Relations Between Nigeria And United States Of America, 1975-1979DOWNLOAD
35Military Rule In Nigeria: An Assessment Of Ibrahim Babangida AdministrationDOWNLOAD
35Impact Of Domestic Policies On Nigeria’s Shuttle Diplomacy and Economic Development, 1999-2007 DOWNLOAD
37Impact Of AGOA On Nigeria-Us Economic Relations, 2000-2015DOWNLOAD
38The Impact Of NEPAD On Nigeria’s Relations With West African Countries, 1999 – 2007DOWNLOAD
39A Comparative Analysis of President Yar’adua and President Jonathan's Foreign Policies, 2007-2015DOWNLOAD
40Human Rights Violation In Nigeria: A Study Of General Sani Abacha's RegimeDOWNLOAD
41The Media and Counterinsurgency Operations: Investigating the Impact of Media Surveillance on Boko Haram Terrorist Attacks, 2009-2017DOWNLOAD
42Foreign Aid and Nigeria’s Bilateral Relations, 1999 to 2012DOWNLOAD
43Role of Nigeria in Multilateral Peacekeeping Operations in AfricaDOWNLOAD
44Conflict Resolution In Boundary Disputes: Case Study Of Nigeria And Cameroon Over The Bakassi PeninsulaDOWNLOAD
45Causes and Effects of Child Trafficking in NigeriaDOWNLOAD
46Nigeria's Foreign Policy under President Goodluck JonathanDOWNLOAD
47A Contemporary History of Electoral Violence in Rivers and Edo States, 1999-2015DOWNLOAD
48Intergroup Relations in Nigeria: A Study of Yoruba-Hausa in Sagamu up to 2005DOWNLOAD
49Nigerian Peacekeeping Mission Under The Auspices Of The UN Security Council From 1960 To 2010: A Study Of Sierra Leone DOWNLOAD
50Nigeria-Cameroon Relations: A Historical AppraisalDOWNLOAD
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