Statistical Analysis Of Reading Habits And The Students Academic Performance In Science Subjects In The Senior Secondary Schools In Lagos State (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

The Effect Of Learning Environment On Student’s Academic Performance Lagos State (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

Impact Of Guidance And Counselling Services And Students Career Choice In Secondary Schools In Ogoja L.G.A (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

 Evaluation Of Students’ Academic Performance In Senior Secondary School With Counselling Service (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

Influence Of School Environment On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students In Lagos State (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

Influence Of Family Background On The Learning Attitude Of Students Towards Sex Education In Ijebu-Ife Metropolis ​(DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

A Study Of Demographic Factors Militating Against Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students In Wamako Local Government Area Of Sokoto State​ (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

Influence Of Demographic Factors On Undergraduates’ Perception Of Courtship And Pre-Marital Sex (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

Influence Of Parental Involvement And Peer Group On The Academic Performance Of Students: Case Study Of Some Selected Schools In Ogun State​ (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

The Influence Of Peer Group Pressure On Adolescents’ Academic Performance In Nigerian Schools (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

Age, Sex And Test Anxiety As Predictors Of Examination Malpractices Among Secondary School Students (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

The Influence of Environmental Factors on Choice of Career Among Secondary School Students in Nigeria ​(DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

The Effects of Study Habit on the Academic Performance of Students: A Case Study of Some Secondary Schools in Ogun State (DOWNLOAD FREE PROPOSAL)

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